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A simple framework for Sitecore XP 8 development

One day, someone throws a Sitecore XP 8 package (web application installer/Zip archive + the license of course :D) to you and he says:”You have one month (or less :D) to build a Sitecore development team.” or “We will have Sitecore projects soon, let’s prepare for them.“. That’s an order and no doubt!

Update (29-Nov-2017): you can request access to the Developer Trial Program and receive a 60-day trial license here

What are you gonna do?

  • Managing to set up a Sitecore instance on your machine
  • Trying to understand Sitecore fundamentals
  • Playing with Sitecore APIs
  • Doing a case study if any
  • Working with a development framework

You will know all about Sitecore via Google if you have so much time. Otherwise, you can access this page (the most complete Collection of Sitecore references ever to exist) and search your needs.

In terms of development framework, you will like Sitecore Helix solution (Habitat) and Sitecore Ignition (Sitecore Habitat v/s Sitecore Ignition discussionif you have quite much experience in Sitecore platform. Otherwise, you can play around with my simple framework.

What can you do with my simple framework?

The main purpose of it is to support Sitecore training/workshop. However, it might be an initiative of your own one for Sitecore development.

What should you do when you get the issues?

Please send your issues (with screenshots if possible) to so that I have a chance to understand your problem and be able to suggest the solution.

What should you do when you want a big support?

If you set up a Sitecore instance with my simple framework successfully, you will see the page like the image below and will be able to copy/paste and click on the info. Otherwise you can look at the image below and type char by char to get the info 😀



Additional Resources

Happy Sitecore Coding!


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