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My simple Sitecore development framework – Version 1.4

I long to add some interesting ones below to my simple framework. As a result, the version 1.4 is released:

Assumption 1: I have a “Contact Us” page and want to add the office locations to a world map exactly inside Sitecore then render them all on that page

Assumption 2: making sitemap.xml be available and supporting multiple languages such as /en/sitemap.xml, /zh-HK/sitemap.xml, /vi-VN/sitemap.xml

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Assumption 3: integrating Sitecore Developer Toolbox so that I don’t have to install that module on every single environments of every single projects


Assumption 4: 

  • if the current URL does not contain a language segment redirect the page to the version that contains the language segment
  • the redirection must be a HTTP 302 so search engines does not treat as duplicate content
  • redirect to the language depending on current user’s language: the reference
  • if a page already contains a language segment then redirection is NOT required
  • if HTTP request is NOT GET then redirection is NOT required
  • create a new Sitecore processor LanguageInjector and patch it after ItemResolver so we can handle the logic above
    • v4_7
  • provide a way to turn it on / off for a specific site
    • v4_8
  • make sure it works properly
  • v4_6

Happy Sitecore Coding!

Notes for building your own one based on my simple one


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