My simple Sitecore development framework – Version 1.8

HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! I’m excited to have a chance to play with my simple framework again. In fact, I’m a huge fan of Unicorn – a very helpful utility for me – to set up a local developer machine with a running environment (no shared Sitecore databases). In addition, it’s developer-friendly (I’m a friendly developer :D). This one introduces a new Unicorn 4’s feature: modular architecture friendly configuration.

I enjoy updating current Unicorn’s configurations in order to adapt it. As a result, version 1.8 is out.

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Note: we can explicitly add a wildcard item (an item named *) to a Unicorn configuration without it being interpreted as a wildcard character

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Other updates

  1. Upgrading Sitecore References via Nuget from Sitecore 8.2.5 to Sitecore 8.2.6 ones
  2. Adding Multisolution project (Foundation layer) in order to support multi-solution in one Sitecore instance better
    • sf18_7
  3. Integrating Site-Specific Error Handle module and putting the content into cache as well
  4. Adding one more gulp task 00-Init-Configuration in order to:
    • copy/paste RewriteRules.config and RewriteMaps.config if they’re non-existent in Sitecore website root for the very first deploy
    • delete the directory of all patching config files so that we’re NOT worry about the issues due to redundant ones on every single deploy
    • sf18_6.png
  5. Updating project templates
    • sf18_8


Additional one

Happy Sitecore Coding!


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