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My simple Sitecore development framework – Version 1.6

I’m happy with the positive feedback on my own Sitecore modules such as:

Therefore, I long to integrate the Sitecore modules above to my simple framework. Also, there would be a nice enhancement: creating new Visual Studio Project templates so that we can increase the productivity. By the way, I upgrade Sitecore Nuget packages to Sitecore 8.2 Update 5 as well.

As a result, the version 1.6 is out:

  1. creating new Visual Studio Project templates so that we can increase the productivity
    • be noticed that we would do something repeatedly such as:
      • create an empty Visual Studio Web Application MVC project
      • remove App_Start\RouteConfig.cs
      • remove Global.ascx
      • add GlobalAssemblyInfo.cs file as a link and edit AssemblyInfo.cs as well so that we can build that MVC project successfully
      • update Build Action to None for:
        • Web.config | Web.Debug.config | Web.Release.config
        • Views\Web.config
        • packages.config
      • add the namespace Sitecore.Mvc to Views\Web.config
    • alternatively, we can do something like this:
      • copy/paste \project_templates\ file to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Templates\ProjectTemplates
      • on Visual Studio, select File -> New -> Project to add a new project whose project template is VietHoang.Template.Web
      • This slideshow requires JavaScript.


    • the references:

  2. integrating Image Coordinate Picker version 1.1 so that we can make it work properly in case there is more than 01 Image Coordinate Picker field on a template by adding the logic below
    • sf16_3.png
  3. integrating Custom Icons Injector so that we’re able to change the icon for Sitecore items to either our own custom icons or some missing icons of Sitecore such as ApplicationsV2, BusinessV2, FlagsV2, NetworkV2, PeopleV2, SoftwareV2 as well
    • csi_2
  4.  integrating Media Public URL Picker so that we’re able to get public URL of a Sitecore media item inside Sitecore
    • mpup_4
  5. upgrading Sitecore References via Nuget to Sitecore 8.2 Update 5 ones and upgrading other ones so that it’s compatible with Sitecore 8.2.5 instance
    • sf16_4.png
  6. correcting the dependency of Unicorn configs
    • sf16_20

Additional ones

Happy Sitecore Coding!






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