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Sitecore 9 and my simple development framework version 2.5

Sitecore Experience Platform 9.3 Initial Release (aka Sitecore XP 9.3.0) was out at the end of November 2019. In addition, there are some new lessons-learned / experience from real Sitecore projects + personally, I wanted to get continuous integration and get started with automated code review so I have a good chance to play around with my simple development framework. As a result, my simple Sitecore development framework version 2.5 is out:

  • Upgrading to Glass.Mapper.Sc.93 (thanks my fellow Sitecore MVP Micheal Edwards)
  • Upgrading Sitecore References via Nuget from Sitecore XP 9.2.0 to Sitecore XP 9.3.0 ones
    • df25_2
  • Upgrading Sitecore.FakeDb to version 3 as well
    • df25_3
  • Adding Deploy build target for non-debug mode / non-local environments to build.cake so we can play around with continuous integration
    • df25_4
  • Applying NewItemsOnlyEvaluator Unicorn’s Sync Rule for non-local environments (Release and Release-Staging build configurations)  so that we can keep the current content after performing the sync because it only writes new items into Sitecore and ignores all others and disable TransparentSync as well
    • df25_5
    • df25_6
  • Refining the project templates as well
    • This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Additional ones

Happy Sitecore Coding!


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