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My simple Sitecore development framework – Version 1.2

Today, I enjoyed upgrading my simple framework. As a result, the version 1.2 was released:

  1. using the interfaces as models (Glass Mapper) and refining the structure of Sitecore templates, the reference
    • gather all the most stable templates into one place and add the specific Sitecore templates of a website to its folder
    • guide Glass Mapper how to map data from Sitecore to our code by using the interfaces so that we make code less and increase our productivity as well
      • sf_3
  2. enabling Transparent Sync in Unicorn 3, the reference
    • this one is a big help in the development environment, if you have new *.yml files after switching to other Git branches, you will not have to do this step
      • sf_4.png
  3. integrating Dictionary module of Habitat, the reference
    • Dictionary should be used for form labels, error messages, static texts, etc. It might be hundred of Sitecore items need to be created so it would be good if they’re created automatically inside Sitecore (Note: for Sitecore.Context.Database.Name is master only aka development environment)
      • This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    • also allow to turn auto-created-dictionary off if necessary
      • sf_7
  4. update gulp file so that we can use transform files for multiple build configurations
    • sf_8

Happy Sitecore Coding!

Notes for building your own one based on my simple one

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