My simple Sitecore development framework – Version 1.7

For me, there is a big change in this version: happily, multi-solution in one Sitecore instance is enabled. It means that you can use my simple framework for multiple Visual Studio solutions as many as you want in ONE Sitecore instance.

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Some tweaks were made:

  • use Controller Extension instead of custom MVC View Engine which was mentioned in version 1.6
    • sf17_5.png
  • define a group of sites for every single solution so that we can play with custom Sitecore pipeline/processor/event handler/etc on specific sites
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  • create a new Sitecore patch config file for Glass Mapper Sc’s processor on every single solution instead of using the default one Glass.Mapper.Sc.Start.config which will be overwritten when a new solution steps in
    • sf17_11.png
  • add the solution name as a prefix to all Rewrite URL Rules and add the conditions for specific host names as well
    • sf17_17.png
  • add the solution name to all MVC routes
    • sf17_18.png


Other updates

  1. using DownstreamPublishing.targets for decreasing the duration of build and deploy
    • sf17_4.png
  2. adding some custom common validation rules such as Max Length and Required, the reference
    • sf17_12
  3. adding 02 Habitat features Identity and LocalDatasource
    • sf17_13.png
  4. adding a new feature SitecoreSupports in order to integrate Sitecore’s hotfixes if any to the solution and add a new Gulp task Copy-Hotfix-Assemblies as well
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  5. adding a new Sitecore custom field Query Treelist, the reference
    • sf17_16.png
  6. in case /sitemap.xml is called directly (without language params) then serves X links (X = number of supported language). This way Google can follow the sitemap.xml links and discover the alternative languages
    • sf17_19.png
  7. making Unicorn’s serialization folder shorter (from serialization to seria) in order to have more spaces for yml‘s file path

Additional ones

Happy Sitecore Coding!




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