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How to install a Sitecore package

  1. Download the zip file (a Sitecore package) to your hard drive
  2. Log into Sitecore and install it
    • Click to open the Launch Pad
    • iw_1
  3. On the right, click to open the Desktop
    • iw_2.jpg
  4. On the bottom-left of the Desktop, click the Sitecore icon
    • iw_3.jpg
  5. Next, select Development Tools -> Installation Wizard
  6. In the installation wizard, click Upload package then click Browse…, navigate to and select the zip file, and click Next
    • iw_4
  7. Click Install
    • iw_5
  8. Check Restart the Sitecore client and click Close
    • iw_6
  9. Done

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