How to make “Remove links” option selected by default on “Breaking Links” Sitecore dialog

There are many deletion activities on a certain Sitecore instance and the Breaking Links dialog is displayed all the time. Certainly, the users are lazy as us so we will get this message very soon: “We are always using Remove links as if not the link will become broken. We want to keep that as default option.”

Oh yeah, Happy Client Happy Life!

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Let’s make “Remove links” option selected by default

We can easily display “Breaking Links” dialog by using SIM to setup a Sitecore 8.2 instance and then log into Sitecore + delete the default Home item

^^ Notice that there is a Sitecore control BreakingLinks under “/sitecore/shell” folder so let’s search it out ^^

↓↓ Have a quick check on \sitecore\shell\Applications\Links\BreakingLinks\BreakingLinks.xml, we can see that it’s easy to achieve the requirement above by editing BreakingLinks.xml directly ↓↓

So far so good 😀

Happy Sitecore Playing!

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