Sitecore WFFM 8.2 Update 6 – Why are my forms not displayed on Form Reports application?

This time, there is an issue on a Sitecore 8.2 Update 6 instance. Somehow the backend users cannot see some certain forms on Form Reports application.

Normally, it’s due to incorrect Sitecore Access Right but in this case, even all admin accounts cannot see them as well.

The workaround is to access the problematic form items directly and then open Form Reports application

However, it’s NOT a friendly way for our backend users so we should fix it. Besides, we wanted to learn how the Web Forms for Marketers (version 8.2.6) module runs the Form Reports application by decompiling its assembly files

Let’s switch to core database and then have a look at /sitecore/content/Documents and settings/All users/Start menu/Programs/Web Forms for Marketers/Form Reports to get the right direction

Note the value of Message field above: forms:openreport and then search it out on /sitecore/admin/showconfig.aspx

Let’s decompile Sitecore.Forms.Core.dll file and then examine Sitecore.Forms.Core.Commands.OpenFormReport class code in order to learn how to show “Select a Form” dialog above (Note: query string parameter analytics_enabled is always added to the URL)

Okay got it, let’s search out Forms.SelectForm web control

Open the physical file \sitecore\shell\Applications\Modules\Web Forms for Marketers\Dialogs\Common\SelectForm.xml to address the code behind

Oh there is an additional filter: a form item will NOT be displayed if its Tracking field value contains tracking ignore=”1″ and once query string parameter analytics_enabled has been always available => it passes the outer if statement as well.

Let’s have a look at the raw value of Tracking field of a problematic form item => there you go

Let’s try to fix it by unchecking Disable analytics for this page checkbox in the Attributes dialog (Settings tab)

Now, we can see them all. Such a lesson-learned! 😀

Hopefully, this lesson-learned is helpful as well for someone else from the Sitecore community.

Happy Sitecore Troubleshooting!


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