My Sitecore MVP Technology 2019 Award

As you all know, Sitecore MVP 2019 list was out at the end of January 2019 (you may want to have a look at the press release). Personally, I’m extremely happy to be awarded the Sitecore MVP Technology 2019 title (two years in a row).

  • Thanks Sitecore for the award!
  • Thanks all my colleagues for supporting! They have been behind me since day one!
  • Thanks the Sitecore community for being so helpful!

A special thanks to:

What is the Sitecore MVP program?

If you’re new with it, please have a look at

My one is Technology MVP, you can learn more about it and other ones

How can I win the Sitecore MVP award?

Please have a look at this thread




What did I contribute to the Sitecore community in 2018?

Personally, I suppose that the following ones were my contributions:


There are not many developers in Vietnam who have had a chance to work with Sitecore technology. That’s why Sitecore knowledge looks non-existent in Vietnam. Personally, I wanted to share my Sitecore knowledge and Sitecore shared source projects with them in order to build up a strong Sitecore community in Vietnam if possible. It’s a long road to go for me so the likes, the good comments, the positive feedback(s), the shout outs, the mentions, etc are very helpful indeed 🙂

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Congratulations to all Sitecore MVP 2019. It’s my honor to be among of you guys for the second year in a row. You folks inspire me all the time and I learn a lot from our awesome Sitecore community. Much appreciated!



Happy Sitecore MVP Program!

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