Playing around with site-specific Sitecore Link Manager

In real Sitecore projects, you may have to deal with some special requirements such as ensuring to have a slash at the end of the links which are normally generated by Link Manager. Technically, it should be an easy one by implementing a string extension method like this:



However, there are many places need to be updated for using EnsurePostfixSlashForLink above. In addition, the requirements are different probably for every single site so I think that we should play around with site-specific Link Manager. The main purpose is to have a chance to use our own implementation and define additional URL option(s) if necessary.

Personally, I like this approach of my fellow Sitecore MVP Kamruz Jaman very much.

Yeah, I know that I’m a lazy developer but I still want to make my hand dirty by using ILSpy for decompiling Sitecore.Kernel.dll in order to learn how to get the value of an  attribute on a Link Provider configuration.


As a consequence, I have my own Sitecore package (thanks for your sponsor Kamruz Jaman) so that I can play with it on every single Sitecore project.


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How to install it

  • Use SIM to setup a new Sitecore 8/9 instance. For a better practice:
    • add a host name mvcsite.local
    • download this Sitecore package (sample site) and install it to your Sitecore instance via Installation Wizard
    • hopefully, you can see something like this
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  • Download the module as a Sitecore package on Gitlab then install it to your Sitecore instance via Installation Wizard

How to use it

  • open \App_Config\Include\MvcSite\MvcSiteDefinition.config
  • add a new site property:
    • linkProvider=”vhs”
    • clp_7
  • access http://mvcsite.local/, you would see this
    • clp_8
  • now we try to remove the postfix slash
    • open \App_Config\Include\z.Vhs.SiteSpecificLinkProvider.config
    • set ensurePostfixSlash=”false”
    • clp_10.png
    • access http://mvcsite.local/, you would see this
    • clp_11

Note: if you specify non-existent link provider via site definition, the fallback will be the default link provider (in this case is sitecore)

  • clp_12.png


Not Good Enough? Please feel free to download the source code and add your own enhancements if necessary.

Got issues?

Please send your issues (with screenshots if possible) to viet.hoang.sitecore@gmail.com so that I have a chance to understand your problem and be able to suggest the solution.

Happy Sitecore Coding!



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