How to know the changed files between the releases

Hopefully this one is helpful for creating your own checklist of every single deployment.


Step by step guide

  1. download TortoiseGit and install it
  2. switch to current-release git branch and pull code to make sure you get the latest code of current-release branch on your machine
  3. right click on source folder then click Show log
    • kcf_1
  4. now you should see Log Messages dialog
    • kcf_2.png
  5. enter target-release to search box and press Enter; select Working tree changes and Merge branch target-release into develop; right click on the selection area to see a context menu; click on Compare revisions
    • kcf_3.png
  6. now you should see Changed Files dialog
    • kcf_4.png
  7. enter yml to search box then press Enter, you should see the changed Sitecore items such as content, media, layout, rendering, template, etc and Sitecore roles (Note: click on Action column to find out the new ones if any)
    • kcf_5.png
  8. repeat #7 for config, right click on a specific file and click on Compare revisions to find out the changes
    • kcf_6.png
  9. repeat #7 for any specific file types you want

Happy Deployment!


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